Entrance Fee

MYR 200
(One-off Fee)

One time entrance fee


MYR 450
(Annual Fee)

A person not attached to a company, including visiting academicians, spouses, Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H), Senior Citizens


MYR 600
(Annual Fee)

1M to 10M MYR Revenue (globally) and Representative Offices


MYR 1800
(Annual Fee)

10M to 100M MYR Revenue (globally)


MYR 3200
(Annual Fee)

> 100M MYR Revenue (globally)

Privileged Partner

MYR 6000
(Annual Fee)

Major contributor with special privileges and enhanced visibility

Privileged Partner Benefits

  • Each privileged partner has option to jointly with SMCC host one event or co-organize a Sunsetter per year. If requested participation will also be extended to other trade chambers.
  • 2 PR Articles annually that will be published on SMCC website and newsletters
  • Logo on SMCC website
  • Banners placed at SMCC events
  • Up to 5 free invitations for SMCC Annual Dinner and unlimited participants at member prices at every SMCC event